Dice Games

Simple Dice Game

  • Minimum 4 players

  • One die

  • Everyone has their own drink

This game can go fast or slow. It's more fun if you play quickly, but you have to pay attention and know the rules.

All players need to sit in a circle - there should be at least four players.

One player is chosen to to start. The player rolls the die and depending on which number comes up, they execute that action (listed below).

The game ends whenever you want.

1. Pass die to the left

2. Left drinks one

3. Pass die to the right

4. Right drinks one

5. Take one drink

6. Everyone drinks

Three Man

  • Minimum 4 players

  • Two dice

  • Everyone has their own drink

Everyone starts off by rolling one die till someone rolls a three. This person then becomes the "three man." The game then proceeds around the circle (clockwise) with people taking turns rolling the dice. Whoever has the dice will continue to roll until they roll something that does not require drinking (2, 5, 6, 8, 12). The dice are then passed clockwise to the next player.

When the dice total:

  • - 3 - Whoever is the "three man" must drink. If the "three man" rolls this then he may pass the title to a person of his choosing.

  • - 7 - Person to the right of "roller" drinks

  • - 9 - Person across from "roller" drinks

  • - 10 - Social...everyone drinks

  • - 11 - Person to the left of "roller" drinks

  • - Doubles - When someone rolls double they give the dice to someone of their choosing. This person rolls the dice and must drink for that many seconds. The dice may be given to two people instead of giving both to just one person.

  • - (Optional) 4 & 1 Whoever rolls this becomes the Thumb-Master. They can place their thumb on the table whenever they want. The last person to do this must drink. The Thumb-Master can only change when someone else rolls a 4 & 1.

The only way to stop being the "three man" is by rolling a 3 when you are the "three man". When this happens, the "three man" may choose whoever he wants to be the next "three man."

(Optional) At any time during the game the three man can be told to drink. However the person currently rolling may not tell the three man to drink. If he does he must drink.

Down It

  • Minimum 3 players

  • One die

  • One center beer/shot

Place a beer or a shot in the center of the table. Everyone sits around it with their own drink.

First player takes the dice. The player to their right predicts what they will roll. First player now rolls the dice.

  • - If the prediction is CORRECT the roller chugs the content of the center beer/shot

  • - If the prediction is WRONG the roller takes a drink from their own drink.

Pass the dice to the player on the left and play commences again.

*Chanting "Down it Now" as loudly as possible while the person is chugging the center drink is compulsory.

Tower (Bar Game)

  • Minimum 2 players

  • As many dice as players

  • Multiple drinks (see below)

This can be played with two or more people, but the limiting factor is how many dice you have. It is usually played at a bar, but can be adapted for use at a party. The end of the game determines who pays for the Tower.*

The drinks are stacked in front of everyone DO NOT KNOCK IT OVER. The pint of beer is on the bottom, a coaster is placed on top of it. The mixed drink is placed on top of that and it, too, is covered with a coaster. Then the shooter, the last coaster, and finally the shot on top.

Every player gets their own die.

Every player rolls the dice, highest becomes the first player. The first player rolls their die and the game begins. Game play proceeds to the left.

A player rolls the die, if it is anything other than a 6, nothing happens and the next player rolls.

When a 6 is rolled by a player, they must remove the topmost item on the tower. If it is a drink, it must be drunk by the player immediately. If it is a coaster, the coaster can be flicked/removed. Normally, the next person to roll must wait until the previous person has drunk their layer or removed the coaster.

Game play continues until a 6 is rolled and a player must drink the pint of beer.

At this point, everyone needs their own die. (It can be played with less dice than players, but this gives an advantage to the chugger.) The chugger's goal is to finish drinking the beer before all other players roll a 6. As soon as the chugger puts their lips to the glass, everyone begins to roll their die repeatedly until they roll a 6. If the chugger finishes the beer before all players roll a 6, the players are responsible for paying for the tower. If the players all roll a 6 before the chugger finishes, the chugger must pay for the entire tower.

*If you are playing at a party, instead of paying for the tower, a task can be created to humiliate the loser or entertain others.

Shot on top

(A single shot of whatever)

------- coaster-----------


(Usually a "bomb" of some type)

------- coaster-----------

Mixed Drink

(Rum & Coke, etc.)

------- coaster-----------

Pint of beer on bottom

(Something that is chug-able)

Mexican Dice...




Need: 2 dice and a cup to roll them in.

Everyone at the table has thier own drink. The object is to shake

the dice in the cup, slam it on the table, lift it up and take a peek

at the dice (don't let anyone else see them!!) and then announce what

you have. There is a lot of bluffing involved because if your roll

doesn't top the privious roll you have to drink. If you bluff and get

caught, you drink. If you get called on the roll but really have

beaten the privious, then the person who called you has to drink.

If you bluff and get away with it the dice pass to the next person.

The only person who can call your bluff is the person who's roll you are

trying to beat. Rolls are based on the two digit number they form

when placed side by side (ex. a 3 and a 4 would be "43") or if you

throw doubles the value is one die times a hundred (ex. double 2 would

cound as "200"). There are also some other special rolls that affect

the game: "21" (a 2 and a 1) is called a Mexicali and beats all other

rolls (including double 6, or "600"), a "31" is a "reverse" and play

goes back the other way around the table, "32" is a "social" and

everybody drinks. "Reverse" and "social" both cancel out the previous

roll so you don't have to worry about beating the privios guy's score.

If you are caught bluffing a Mexicali you have to down the whole drink.

To sum:

  • 2-1 "21" Mexicali Beats all

  • 3-1 "31" Reverse

  • 3-2 "32" Social

  • 4-1 "41"

  • 4-2 "42"

  • 4-3 "43"

  • 4-5 "45"

  • 5-1 "51"

  • 5-2 "52"

  • 5-3 "53"

  • 5-4 "54"

  • 6-1 "61"

  • 6-2 "62"

  • 6-3 "63"

  • 6-4 "64"

  • 6-5 "65"

  • 1-1 "100"

  • 2-2 "200"

  • 3-3 "300"

  • 4-4 "400"

  • 5-5 "500"

  • 6-6 "600"

When rolling all you have to do is tie the priviou roll, so if a

Mexicali is rolled you can either call the guy's bluff or accept it

and try to tie it. Optional: Successive Mexicalis double the amount

of drink to consume on a challenge or bluff.

Beer 99


Beer 99


An interesting card game involving that "new" math. Mid level

buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.

The object of the game is to play cards into a pile and have the

value of the pile equal 99. You start off by dealing four cards to each

player, then turn the top card over. Play goes around the circle with

each person playing a card, mentally keeping track of total value of

the pile.

Special cards:

King - Kept to avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on

Someone else, usually used near end of game.

Four - used as a skip card when you have none to play, can also be

used to skip drinking responsibilities goes.

Tens - When in the 90's, this drops the value of pile by 10,

otherwise its a regualr card.

Socials occur whenever the total equals a number ending in 9. Special

socials on 69 and 71. On special you must drink twice.

Whoever gets hit with 99 must drink 1/2 glass.

After you play a card, draw another from the stack. When out of cards,

reshuffle those already played.

Sevens, Elevens, or Doubles

The game is played with a group of people, it doesn’t matter how many play but I would recommend a group higher than 4. All you need is 2 dice and a lot of beer. All players must have a full beer at all times. Players take turns rolling the dice, trying not to roll a 7, an 11, or a double. For example if the player rolls a 4 and a 3, that person would have to drink. The unlucky roller must be ready to chug. They can begin chugging when the person to their left picks up the dice and begins rolling for a 7/11/double. If he/she doesn’t roll it, the dice are moved to the next player and he/she attempts to roll a 7, an 11, or a double. Once a player rolls the correct combination, the drinker can stop. Play resumes and players roll trying not to roll a 7, an 11, or a double. However, if the drinker finishes their beer before before one of the three options are rolled, the person who is currently holding the dice becomes the chugger. (The idea is to get the dice, roll, and pass them quickly. If you take too long, you can get screwed.)